Version Anniversary

The 5 Years of the 0 € Souvenir collection is highlighted with a series of '' Anniversary Version '' tickets. The first tickets of 2020 will be printed in 2 versions: the “Classic” version and the “Anniversary” version. As the photo shows, the Anniversary version includes in addition to the classic version the 5 blue stars (on the right of the ticket) in commemoration of the 5 years of the collection, a modification on the left part of the ticket as well as the appearance of the mention '' Anniversary 2020 '' with UV lamp.

Each ticket is printed 80% in the classic version and 20% with the Anniversary version. For a draw of 5000 tickets therefore, 4000 are in classic version and 1000 in version '' Anniversary ''

I will try to offer you a maximum of tickets with the 2 versions but I already know that the task will not be simple given the small draws!

All the Anniversary Notes won't be present in the set of 25 Notes !

Version Anniversary

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